Laura Steenberge – Blank banderoles

Wednesday 17 November 2021, 12-2pm [online via Minerva]

Laura Steenberge’s work as a performer and composer is informed by the study of iconography, music and psychoacoustic phenomena that have represented imaginary and supernatural voices through the ages. For this talk, she will discuss several recent pieces alongside banderoles, necromancers, and medieval chant.

Laura Steenberge is an interdisciplinary composer and performer at the crossroads of music, language, gesture, and mythology. Her creative and research practice encompasses vocal composition and songwriting, instrumental chamber works, research on word painting in medieval chant, experiments in audiovisual and ceremonial performance practices, and performance with contrabass and viola da gamba. Current composer-performer projects: solo works for voice and viola da gamba, recordings for bass trio, ritualistic audiovisual compositions. Current research: the transcription, recording and teaching of eleventh-century Aquitanian chant under the umbrella of the EnChanted Images project at Stanford, in collaboration with medieval art historian Bissera Pentcheva. Recent recording projects include the Imaginary Music Radio Hour (, Harmonica Fables (Nueni Recs), and The Four Winds recorded by Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble (New Focus Recordings). She has taught experimental sound practices at the California Institute of the Arts and Stanford University and resides in Asheville, NC.

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