Charlie Sdraulig – one to one

Wednesday 8 December 2021, 12-2pm [online via Minerva]

Composer Charlie Sdraulig will propose ways of reimagining how performers and audiences relate to one another, as explored in his series one to one (2018-20). He will discuss aspects of participation, nonverbal interaction, and entrainment.

Charlie Sdraulig’s music often draws attention to the social dynamics of musical situations, focusing on subtle sonic and gestural behaviours. His work has been presented at numerous festivals, including Lucerne Festival Forward (Switzerland), MATA (USA), Rainy Days (Luxembourg), and SPOR (Denmark). Recent close collaborators include ELISION (Australia), Gwen Rouger (France), Marco Fusi (Italy), and Winnie Huang (Australia). His research encompasses writing upon social interaction and innovative notations in experimental sonic practices. He was a Doctoral fellow at Stanford University and is currently a college tutor at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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