Ioannis Panagiotou

Wednesday 30 March 2022, 12-2pm [online via Minerva]

Ioannis Panagiotou will present his work, which explores and recreates lost memories through a transdisciplinary approach. This work takes the form of installations, video works, books, concert music, performance art and community works for prisons and refugee camps. He will introduce the concept of Pinecone Structures as a flattening phenomenon, which approaches diverse materials as characters in the same play.

Ioannis Panagiotou is an artist and composer who explores lost memories and issues of diaspora through transdisciplinary practices. He holds a PhD from The University of Edinburgh, where he has taught Sound Design and Sculpture. At the moment he is an Artist in Residence at the Zurich University of the Arts and a Lecturer in Music, Creative Writing and AV Arts at Weston College and HMP Portland Prison. Works of him have been performed internationally in Namiki Square, Dialogues Festival, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Museum of Asian Art, MUSA Collection Centre, Vilnius Rotuse and the Greek National Opera. His collaboration include F-Wakaba Dance, Plus-Minus Ensemble, Red Note Ensemble, Edinburgh Quartet, and  Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra among others.

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