Pablo Villierezz: Panther Panther! Wednesday 28 November, 12-2pm (CM.107).

Panther Panther! is an audio-visual project that encompasses the following: music production and composition, live visuals for music or VJing, audio-visual performance, DJing, light installations in the public domain through projection mapping techniques, motion graphics and music/art video production. Panther Panther! is a stage name, but it is also an umbrella name for my current audio-visual practice, allowing me to operate within the fields of club music, entertainment, festivals and other public arts events. It is a Visual Music project where music composition and its representation through visual media are at the heart of the creative process, thus bestowing music with a hierarchical role over the other disciplines I work with.

The music I compose as Panther Panther! belongs within the underground scene of Tropical Bass: a transnational movement comprised of renowned and unknown producers operating mainly in Latin-America, but with links that stretch worldwide, as far as South East Asia, Europe and North America thanks to a thriving online community and an ambitious touring circuit. Tropical Bass is characterised by its hybridization of Latin-American folk music traditions and sounds, with European and North American electronic music. The globalized nature of the scene has enabled me to publish music for worldwide distribution through netlabels based in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, London, Barcelona, Miami, Geneva and Newcastle, whilst collaborating with artists based in New Zeland, the U.S. and throughout the whole breadth of Central and South America.


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