Larry Goves: Paraphernalia: material agency and musical excess (Sonic Materialities Lab). Wednesday 23 January, 12-2pm (CM.107).

Paraphernalia is an planned extensive sequence of new theatrical/multimedia music compositions in which the intention is to collide notions of material agency with a compositional interpretation of Kaloust Guedel’s Excessivism manifesto (2015) and related visual artworks. The sequence also takes, as an elusive starting point, Marco Ferreri’s controversial 1973 film La Grande Bouffe (which centres on a group of friends who decide to eat themselves to death). This talk focuses on two sections of the sequence: happy/boomf/fat is a completed short work for any voices printed on marshmallows and eaten while its sung; and a currently untitled work for piano, harpsichord, percussion, and video in which a slow-motion film of hundreds of bearing balls falling and ricocheting form the rhythmic material for the piece. The paper also looks at extending an approach used for an earlier short work for cello and electronics (Filakr(2012)),in which unpredictable electronic processes are used to create hours of sounds which are subsequently ‘mined’ for tiny fragments to form the material for the piece. This presentation explores some of the aesthetic, social, and methodological notions and questions regarding overconsumption and excess that frame this work in progress.

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