Si Waite: Singer-songwriters, interactive systems and liveness. (Visual Music and Sonic Arts). Wednesday 13 March, 12-2pm, CM107

Si will be discussing and presenting examples of his work that explore different approaches to composing and performing with audio-visual interactive systems.

Si Waite is a singer-songwriter working with audio-visual interactive systems. He has recently moved from Staffordshire University to Falmouth University and is currently preparing for a PhD viva at De Montfort University.

Si has written, performed and produced as a solo artist (National Trevor) and in several bands. His research explores liveness and interactivity at the intersection of popular and experimental music. He has performed and presented work at academic conferences and festivals such as NIME, Sonorities and Leeds IFAI. His writings has been published in the Leonardo Music Journal and a Routledge book due for publication later this year.

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