Davide Tidoni

Wednesday 27 November 2019, 12-2pm, CM105

Artist and researcher Davide Tidoni will explore the themes and principles underlying his work. Starting from his research on sound impulses and acoustic space, the first part of the presentation will explore the physical aspects of sound and the active role of the listener. The second part of the
presentation will concentrate on the materiality of sound devices (eg:
microphone and loudspeaker) and their use in recordings and
performances. The third part will examine Davide’s recent projects on football chants and the sonic culture of the ultras movement in Italy. Audio visual documentation and artist’s publications will accompany the presentation and give substance to the spoken words.

Davide Tidoni is an artist and researcher interested in the relational
dimension of listening and in the physical experience of sound. With a
particular emphasis on observation and action, he creates works of
different formats including live performance, intervention, audio
recording, video, and guided listening. He recently published a sound
ethnography on the ultras group BRESCIA 1911 (The Sound of
Normalisation, SARU Oxford Brookes University). His work can be accessed
at: www.davidetidoni.name.

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