Barak Arbel / The Tale of a Newborn

The tale of a newborn presents changing characters by the use of different tempos, dynamics and articulation. The inspiration for the piece is a life of a little child that changes over time. Each part of his life looks and sounds different, and presents the extreme reactions that a newborn deals with. 

Piano: Maria Garcia

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Paige Halliwell / Iridescence

MA Composition, Uncategorized

Iridescence (2020) explores a mysteriously intricate sound-world of varying texture and timbre focuses. The piece seeks to create an iridescent landscape, encompassing a colourful selection of material passing between the three instruments. The music moves in a fluid and unsynchronised manner, with moments of both melodic burst and slow moving sustained harmony. The segments of […]

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Jamie Floyde / Fatalism

MA Composition, Uncategorized

Fatalism is a piece originally written for Plus Minus ensemble and is scored for for clarinet, cello and piano. The primary melodic and harmonic ideas stem from a fascination with the melodic minor scale and its various modes. In what could be described as the B section, the tonal centre releases from the melodic minor […]

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Jianan Wang / Unicorn

MA Composition

Unicorn was written for Plus Minus Ensemble and lasts approximately five minutes. The reason for the title is that the structure reminds me of a unicorn. This is my first time composing a happy piece. I am influenced by the soundtrack of the anime Attack on Titan, but my piece is not as grand. In […]

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