Liam Hayes / MINUS

This piece was conceived from my growing interest in allowing the idea of “negative space” into my music. It is written for live electric guitar and backing track. MINUS acts as a dialogue (or argument perhaps) between the live performer and the pre-recorded material and also confronts the notion of which one we hear as static and which one seems free.

Some other pieces to explore …

Paige Halliwell / Iridescence

MA Composition, Uncategorized

Iridescence (2020) explores a mysteriously intricate sound-world of varying texture and timbre focuses. The piece seeks to create an iridescent landscape, encompassing a colourful selection of material passing between the three instruments. The music moves in a fluid and unsynchronised manner, with moments of both melodic burst and slow moving sustained harmony. The segments of […]

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Paige Halliwell / Rubble Houses

MA Composition, Uncategorized

Rubble Houses (2019), for six voices, explores the voice without pitch; focusing on creating alternative vocal sounds and exciting rhythmic patterns.Inspired by the old British tradition of Bonfire Night to remember the story of Guy Fawkes in 1605, this work seeks to create an exciting atmosphere of textural clouds of sustained sounds, juxtaposed alongside rhythmic […]

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Jianan Wang / Unicorn

MA Composition

Unicorn was written for Plus Minus Ensemble and lasts approximately five minutes. The reason for the title is that the structure reminds me of a unicorn. This is my first time composing a happy piece. I am influenced by the soundtrack of the anime Attack on Titan, but my piece is not as grand. In […]

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