Paige Halliwell / Rubble Houses

Rubble Houses (2019), for six voices, explores the voice without pitch; focusing on creating alternative vocal sounds and exciting rhythmic patterns.Inspired by the old British tradition of Bonfire Night to remember the story of Guy Fawkes in 1605, this work seeks to create an exciting atmosphere of textural clouds of sustained sounds, juxtaposed alongside rhythmic explosions. Listen out for sounds of a spitting fire, and ‘the houses of parliament to rubble!’

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Barak Arbel / Reflections

MA Composition, Uncategorized

Reflections is trying to create a misterioso effect, first by the long notes of the clarinet’s melody at the beginning, later on by the harmony that all the instruments create together, and finally, by the free canon between the cello and the clarinet. I hope you will feel connected to this piece and take the […]

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Barak Arbel / The Tale of a Newborn

MA Composition, Uncategorized

The tale of a newborn presents changing characters by the use of different tempos, dynamics and articulation. The inspiration for the piece is a life of a little child that changes over time. Each part of his life looks and sounds different, and presents the extreme reactions that a newborn deals with.  Piano: Maria Garcia

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Edward Beazley / Reflections…

MA Composition

The intension of this piece was to capture the spirit of taking time out, getting away from life’s pressures and just being in the moment for those few precious opportunities of stillness and sanctuary.  Sporadic changes in time signature has the potential to disrupt this tranquillity and provide a sense of anticipation and hope that […]

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