Jamie Floyde / Fatalism

Fatalism is a piece originally written for Plus Minus ensemble and is scored for for clarinet, cello and piano. The primary melodic and harmonic ideas stem from a fascination with the melodic minor scale and its various modes. In what could be described as the B section, the tonal centre releases from the melodic minor to a more aeolian feel to break the rising tension. The weaving of melody lines as well as using the different instruments to alternate in carrying these melody lines gives a sense of relentlessness and inevitability. The stark and staccato quality of the clarinet is contrasted by the fluid and legato quality of the piano in the C section with the middle section adding some much-needed breathing space (figuratively and literally!) to give a feeling of contemplation and introspection. After a short call and response featuring the cello and clarinet taking battle, the penultimate section offers a final and extended reprisal of the B section until the piece slowly trails away instrument by instrument fulfilling its inevitable fate: silence. 

Recorded remotely by Plus-Minus Ensemble as part of a composition workshop at Bath Spa University

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